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The Stables

The Stables

Experience the perfect blend of versatility and inclusivity at The Stables, a remarkable B&B room designed to accommodate a range of guests. This thoughtfully crafted space effortlessly transforms from a cozy double room to a comfortable double single room, catering to the needs of individuals, couples, and friends traveling together. The flexible configuration ensures that every guest can enjoy a restful stay, tailored to their preferences. In addition, The Stables goes above and beyond to provide wheelchair accessibility, with carefully planned features that enable smooth and convenient movement throughout the room. From its adaptable layout to its commitment to inclusivity, The Stables offers a warm and welcoming retreat for all.


Step into a haven of comfort and accessibility at The Stables, where every guest's needs are carefully considered, allowing for a personalized experience. Whether you're a couple seeking a cozy getaway or friends in need of separate sleeping arrangements, The Stables caters to your requirements.


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