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Homemade Cookie Pies

Homemade Cookie Pies

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Warm, gooey cookie combined with the flaky, buttery crust of a pie

Perfect for sharing or savouring all to yourself, our cookie pies are available as a large individual pie or as mini pies. They're a show-stopping dessert that everyone will love.

Full-Size Cookie Pies (£45, serves 12)

Ideal for gatherings, parties, or special occasions. Available in these delicious flavours:

  • Kinder: Creamy, chocolatey bliss filled with rich, melted Kinder chocolate

  • Biscoff: Smooth Biscoff spread and crunchy biscuit pieces.

  • Cookies and Cream: The classic combination of chocolate cookies and creamy filling in our Cookies and Cream cookie pie. It's a timeless favourite.

Mini Cookie Pies (Box of 6, £25)

Perfect for smaller gatherings, gifting, or enjoying as a special treat, our mini cookie pies are packed with flavour and convenient to share. Available in:

  • Caramel: Rich, gooey caramel filling.

  • Reese's: The perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter.

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