Equine Terms & Conditions

To make sure you have the best experience you can of our equine area we request you follow a few instructions to ensure you and your horses safety.

    • Correctly fitted hats must be worn at all times when rider is mounted
    • Arena is to be used in the hours hired and paid for
    • The parking area must be kept tidy, hay nets are not to be tied to the outside of the trailer
    • Both droppings in the car park and arena must be picked up and left in the wheelbarrow provided at the side of the arena
    • Jumps must be set up at the appropriate level by the rider and the distances between the jumps checked before attempting the course
    • Jumps must be left in the state they were found
    • If an item is damaged by a rider, this must be immediately reported and paid for if necessary
    • All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by responsible adult
    • The facilities are to be used at riders’ own risk
    •  Cars are to be parked at owners’ own risk