Dog Field Terms & Conditions

To make sure you have the best experience we request you follow a few instructions to ensure you and your horses safety.

  • The gate must be locked with the code at all times, upon entering and leaving the field please re lock the gate with the padlock , ensuring only customers of Tuppenhurst Dog Field have access.

    🐾 Customer agrees to use the facility and parking at their own risk

    🐾 Please park in designated car parking spaces - we allow two cars per booking , if more spaces are required please let us know - for parking please drive through the main farm entrance , straight down the yard passing the cafe on your left, house on your right, museum on your right , you’ll see the pole barn on your right and at the end of it a sign for the Dog Field, please use the parking spaces allocated by parking signs

    🐾 Kind methods only - prong collars , pet correctors and similar methods will not be tolerated

    🐾 Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations

    🐾 Feeding of any livestock is strictly prohibited

    🐾 You will be able to see our horse , and at times sheep - please do not allow dogs to taunt them at any point

    🐾 Please bring toys to enjoy during your time with us but ensure these are taken home with you

    🐾 Please supervise dogs at all times and do not allow digging and damage to fencing

    🐾 Any damage done must be reported and paid for before leaving your session

    🐾 Dogs must be kept on leads until they are in the secure field with the gate locked

    🐾 No smoking, vaping or drinking is allowed - this includes the premises of Tuppenhurst Farm as a whole

    🐾 The Customer is responsible for picking up after their dog - there is a green dog poo bin located at the top of the yard

    🐾 Please bring water and poo bags to your session

    🐾 Dogs must not be left unattended , or tied up at any time

    🐾 All dogs must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18+)

    🐾 Please drive down the yard directly to the dog field parking respecting the 5mph speed limit - if you are walking please inform us directly as we are a working farm

    🐾 Picnics are allowed , please take all rubbish home - no BBQs or anything with a flame

    ❌If any rules are broken at any time Tuppenhurst Dog Field will refuse hire to the customer and have the right to ask the customer to leave during their session ❌

    We hope you enjoy your time with us 🐾🥰